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Elevate Lifestyle was created based on the merger of our backgrounds
and our personal outlook on innovation and healthy living.

The company name goes beyond the vaping industry and represents our philosophy to ?Elevate? not only the quality of products and brands,
but expanding the mind and helping people reach a higher level of thinking and quality of life.
Elevate is unique in that all of its founding member are successful entrepreneurs that come from different industries.
Creating Elevate has allowed us to bring together expertise and backgrounds that have all added to our success.
Co-founding partners, David and Cristian, have a real estate investment company
as well as had operated a successful sourcing company in China.
Co-founding partner, Paul, comes from a private investment and high end real estate background.
Our marketing director, Jesse, has created success through e-commerce and digital marketing,
developed personal brands for professional athletes,
and played a key role in the growth and community reach of many other companies.
While focusing as a team on the integral growth of elevate, each member is also integrated
into new diverse portfolios within emerging markets.
Beside industries, our team comes from diverse native backgrounds of Scotland, USA, China and Costa Rica.
These backgrounds have proven to be a huge advantage for international expansion
and more importantly bringing innovative business ideas to the vaping industry.

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